Making characters in rpgs like Celebs ( celebadmin posted on September 3rd, 2014 )

We can have fun playing games like Skyrim and Dark Souls and make them look like our favorite celeb and movie character.

I love to play games like Skyrim and Dark Souls because i can make character the way I want to too and of course I try my best to make characters from movies or real life celebs. When I was playing Skyrim I would play as the elf and make him look like an elf from Lord of Rings with the white hair and the awesome bow and archer. I am a Lord of the Ring dork but Skyrim is the perfect place to pretend to play Lord of the Rings. I wish they would make a game just like Skyrim for the Lord of the Rings. The other awesome thing about Skyrim is the PC mods you can play, I have played a Star Wars theme and I even had a lightsaber! The moon is replaced with the Death Star which looks awesome and I was able to mix two of my favorite franchises Skyrim and Star Wars. I another awesome mods is the Macho Man dragon mod which I love because I am a big fan of the Macho man. I found it awesome I was fighting a Macho Man dragon and taking his dragon soul.

In Dark Souls I want to create a Harry Potter build. I want to make a straight wizard with the robe to the wand. After I made by build I had an awesome wizard that kicked ass in the deadly world of Dark Souls. The spells did look like spells from the Harry Potter movies and give me that feeling because lets be honest the Harry Potter games were not the greatest and it did not make me feel like a real wizard but in Dark Souls it did.

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How to look like a celeb ( celebadmin posted on September 3rd, 2014 )

You wanna look like a celeb then try out these great workouts!

Everyone wants to get those six pack abs and tone muscles to show them off but some people dont have the time to go to the gym and some people dont feel comfortable to go to the gym because they feel intimated by the big guys go are benching 500 pounds. Well now you can get in the best shape of your life with Beach Body DVDs and the flex belt.

Beach Body Dvds workouts like Insanity, T25 and P90x are dvds that will get you into crazy shape because of its intense workout and they are short and straight to the point. Each of those dvds breakdown the schedule for you and also gives you ideas on how to eat and when to eat so when you finish the program you will look completely different and you will see the difference.

Before you start the program for any of these dvd take a picture of yourself and then take a pic once you finish and you will see the difference. If you go with P90x it is more for gaining muscle because it does require equipment. If you go with Insanity it is a cardio workout that will help you lose weight and is just a body weight workouts. T25 is the shortest workout out of them all because it is only a 25 minute workout and if you need to do the quick workout then thats the one for you. With Beach Body you can pick which one you feel fits you the most. The other product I would like to recommend is the Flex belt. It is a belt that you put around your waist that will strengthen your core and it is great when you are on your off day. What makes this great is that you can still workout when you are playing video games.

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